Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book Spotlight : Natalina Reis's -Desert Jewel.

"Powerful, passionate, & epic."
Author: Natalina Reis
Title: Desert Jewel
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Release Date: October 8, 2016
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Rebellion brews inside Milenda’s heart as the date for the Trials approach. As the
heiress to the throne of Natale, she is forced to choose a consort from the survivors of the
grueling quest across the desert.

Milenda’s heart belongs to Jaali and wants no part in the ancient and cruel ritual, but the
Elders—the true rulers of Natale—will not back down.

Jaali was brought from the far North as a child slave. His only chance to be with the woman
he loves is to volunteer for the Trials, no matter how dangerous or how much Milenda

Together they begin their journey of discovery and rebellion against the Elders. But will their
love be enough or will they lose everything they've fought for?
Milenda felt guilt nibbling at her toes. As the heiress to the crown, the Jewel, as she was often called, she was kept away from politics. Her royal father and the body of Elders wove a protective shield around her, keeping all the uncomfortable realities at bay. When Milenda had insisted on taking classes at the centuries-old university campus, she had almost caused a national crisis amongst the governing bodies. She would be exposed to facts and rumors they’d rather have hidden from her. She had been relentless in her desire, and at last they had given in.
All along, they’d had her followed. It was hard to ignore a giant hulk of a man, wearing the flamboyant uniform of the Protectors, always a few steps behind her. It was not hard to dissuade them from keeping a close guard on her; a few not-so-veiled threats of improper conduct and she soon lost her bodyguard. Everyone knew who she was and for the most part, much to her dismay, they kept their distance, too scared of committing some faux pas and of the government’s retaliation. Even the professors were guarded around her.
So, it was refreshing to really talk to someone who did not recognize her at all. To be treated like an ordinary young woman, even for just a few moments, was exciting and new.
“What do you study?” Jaali asked her, his pale blue eyes trained on her face. She felt a rush of heat crawling up her neck. The unusual young man tilted his head as if fascinated by what he was seeing. “Is it normal for your spots to shine?” he asked.
Damn it! My traitorous spots.
Her people’s typical skin spots were known to glow and shimmer when they got excited, embarrassed, or happy. Spots were distinct. Not one person from Nyota stock had the same pattern of matangazos. The location of the markings also changed from one person to another, but they were all in at least partially visible places of the body. Hers began on her right cheek by her ear and spilled in a flowing pattern like a cornucopia down her neck into her shoulder, dissolving at her shoulder blade. Her matangazos resembled the spots of a leopard, but on others, they were shaped like round dots or elongated ovals or even hearts. She remembered trying to hide her markings, which were naturally a slightly deeper color of amber, with makeup as a young teenager, trying to look more like the Wazi, whose skins were unmarked and smooth like sanded ebony. Her markings didn’t bother her anymore, though. She had grown to love and accept them as a part of what made her an individual, and nothing made her prouder than being regarded as her own person.
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Natalina wrote her first romance in collaboration with her best friend at the age of 13. Since then she has ventured into other genres, but romance is first and foremost in almost everything she writes. Her novel, We Will Always Have the Closet, is her first published romance.

After earning a degree in tourism and foreign languages, she worked as a tourist guide in her native Portugal for a short time before moving to the United States. She lived in three continents and a few islands, and her knack for languages and linguistics led her to a master’s degree in education. She lives in Virginia where she has taught English as a Second Language to elementary school children for more years than she cares to admit.
Natalina doesn’t believe you can have too many books or too much coffee. Art and dance make her happy and she is pretty sure she could survive on lobster and bananas alone. When she is not writing or stressing over lesson plans, she shares her life with her husband and two adult sons.

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 Hot Tree Publishing

VBT# Royally Screwed - Emma Chase

One of my themes that I am such a sucker for is Royalty, I love reading books that feature a royal family and even more so tales that are like Cinderella stories. I am such a romantic at heart and think that the Cinderella themed story is one of my romantic fantasies. When I saw that Emma Chase had a new book out , I knew I had to read it as I have enjoyed her Legal Brief series. In Royally Screwed we met Prince Nick aka Nicholas who has been sent to America by his grandmother who is currently Queen to go and collect his younger brother Henry who is your typical Prince Playboy. His grandmother though just before he has left has given Nick some news - he has to get married in six months time and the conditions are someone who is a Virgin, a native to their Kingdom and preferably someone with a title or royal lineage.  Nick himself has never really been one to settle down as he enjoys playing the field and having no strings attached fun. That is until he arrives in New York and finds himself in a small Pie shop run by Olivia. Their first meeting isn't perfect as he propositions her and ends up with a pie in his face, but their is something about Olivia that has drawn Nick in and he wants more. Olivia has always been the responsible one in her family , running her parents business and giving up her plans to provide for her family after they fell apart when her mother passed. As the book goes on, we discover that what Nick and Olivia have is more than just a one-night stand and the pair come to a compromise to spend five wonderful months together. However of course, we can see how this is going to end up as really, why do people think that they can just walk away and not get hurt or fall in love when they are the whole person's world for five months or for how ever long the arrangement is for ? When news is splashed against tabloids and Nick blames Olivia, has he lost her forever or was it perfect timing as now he can focus on his Kingdom ? Will Nick chose love over responsibilites , will he follow his head or his heart ?
Royally Screwed was an amazing , fast-paced and romantic fairytale read with a few LOL moments. A Perfect fairy-tale /royalty read that everyone should add to their reading lists.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Release Blitz: Fault by Nicola Hudson


Fault by Nicola Hudson Release Date: October 21st Series: Define Genre: Contemporary Romance

ebook (3).jpg


Nobody’s perfect.
We all have our faults.
GRACE DAWSON is desperate. Her father is dead and her mum is in prison for killing the man who attacked her. She is about to turn eighteen and homeless. Her options are limited. Life is bleak.
NOAH CARTER is twenty-four, a writer, and burdened by his family responsibilities. Forced to live in the same small town he grew up in, he knows it would be wrong to wish for a different life.
When Noah offers Grace a place to stay, it is an act of generosity that she has little choice but to accept. As they spend time together, their feelings grow beyond friendship and they become increasingly important parts of each other’s lives. But it’s not just their lives they have to think about and the challenges they face threaten to overwhelm their relationship. Both make mistakes but can they overcome their own faults to forgive each other’s?
FAULT is a story about love, loss, family and forgiveness. It’s a story about life.
noun [folt]
  1. A flaw or defect which prohibits perfection.
  2. A weakness or defect in character.
  3. Responsibility for a mistake or wrongdoing.
  4. (verb) To find error in; to blame.
Fault is the third novel in Nicola Hudson’s Define series but can be read as a standalone from Curve and Heart, although it does contain spoilers if read out of sequence.

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Buy Links:

Other Books in the Series:

Heart, Book 2 Amazon US: Amazon UK:
Curve, Book 1 Amazon US: Amazon UK:

About the author:

Nicola Hudson is a British writer who discovered what was becoming known as New Adult fiction the same week she downloaded the Kindle app; within a week she was hooked into a one-clicking frenzy. After reading Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and Easy by Tammara Webber, the urge to write her own novel, but with a British slant, was overwhelming.
Her first novel, Curve, was published in 2013 and her second novel, Heart, was published a year later. Although romance is an important part of Curve and Heart, readers will know that Nicola also writes about serious, some may say dark, issues and their impact on young women. This theme continues in the final book of the Define series, Fault. She works full-time with teenagers and so it seemed like a natural step to write about them as well.
Nicola lives close to Birmingham, England with her husband and cat. When not writing, she is reading. When not reading, she is probably reading about reading, flicking between social media sites and Goodreads. Probably with a bar of chocolate at hand.

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Let It Breathe Book Blitz - Sydney Aaliyah Michelle


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Donovan, NFL superstar, needs to diversify his portfolio, but a different groupie in his bed every night is not what his business manager had in mind. He meets Chai during an investment summit and they spend one unforgettable night together. Chai, wine heiress, vows to do anything to save her family's vineyard, but sleeping with Donovan may be taking her pledge too far. When Donovan agrees to invest, she is skeptical. He wants to show her a whole world exists outside of the vineyard. But, at what cost. Can Chai save her family's legacy without loosing her self-respect and more importantly, her heart?


Read An Excerpt...

I pulled the door open and couldn't get the grin off my face. People wonder why professional athletes were so cocky. Because a plumber couldn't pull of what I just accomplished tonight. "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" I raised my eyebrows. She narrowed her eyes and I sensed it took considerable effort for her to stay. I grinned again and took another sip. I studied her face. She was a classic beauty; big brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair that flowed over her shoulders. I would guess she was Italian, but her accent was American. She bit her lip and crossed her hands over her chest. I laughed. "Am I amusing you?" She asked. "No," I shook my head. "Just laughing at the irony of the situation." "Can you just," she held a hand up. "Not talk." "What would you like me to do with my mouth?" Lust flashed in her eyes. She covered it by walking in, grabbing the bottle in my hand and downing it. I saw it thought. She liked the dirty talk. She stepped to the window. I walked up behind her. I stood a few inches away, but she could feel my heat and I sensed her shiver. "You ready?" I asked. "Ready for what?" She turned her head towards me. "Ready for me to fuck that ten punch chip off your shoulder?" She spun on her heels and stared into my eyes. Her chest rose and fell, her breath shallow and sexy. I peaked at the curve of her breast and wanted to taste it, but stopped myself. She wanted me to make the first. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. There we stood, toe to toe. I took in the subtleties of her face. The curve of her cheek, the twitch in her lip when she tried to remain neutral.


She leaned in and I leaned in. She turned her head to the left. I turned mine to the left. She licked her lips and I did the same. A small wrinkle creased the top of her nose and I knew it was only a matter of time. When she stepped back, I masked my disappointment. She leaned against the window and sighed. Oh man if it wasn't the sexiest sound I had ever heard and I had heard some scandalous stuff in my time. I stood my ground. The distance allowed me to check out the rest of her. I was right, her amazing body made me hard. It was around the time my gaze feel on her legs, that she caught me off guard and attacked me. Chai gripped the side of my face, tilted it and dove on my lips. Her hand moved down and gripped the back of my neck and pressed our faces together. I nibbled on her lip and she opened and I met her aggression with some of my own when I pressed my tongue in her mouth and tasted her. Her tongue tasted like tequila and honey. I hadn't put my hands on her. She must have noticed. She pulled away. Her hand went up to her mouth and the confusion in her eyes broke me. She stepped around me, but I pulled her back into my chest. "Where you going?" I asked as I cupped her breast and ran my hand up her skirt between her thighs. She whimpered. She tried to pull away at first, but sank into me and pushed my hand up further. I skimmed my hand over her silk panties and her knees buckled. I held her up and walked us both over to the bed. I pushed her down and she flipped onto her back. Her hands splayed out and gripped the sheets. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I stood in front of her. I wanted to see her. "Your turn." She sat up, unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. She deposited it on the floor with mine. The black lace bra framed her breast so well, I had to reach out and touch them. I ran my fingers over the curve of her mound. They were real.


Yes!!! I reached for the button on my pants, but she pushed my hands away. "May I?" I pushed her hands away and she pouted. Again, made me hard. "Is this what you want?" I rubbed the bulge in my pants. God, please say yes. Please say yes. She smiled and nodded. It was the first genuine smile I'd seen on her face. It looked good on her. I dropped my hands to my side. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down off my hips. She ran a hand over my bulge and I smiled. She reached into my shorts, pulled me out, licked her lips and smiled again. I was done. She was so beautiful and so complex. I couldn't hold back. Enough with the games. I had to have her. By the way she stroked me and pulled me into bed, she wanted me, too.

Meet The Author...


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who hails from Texas. After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer. Sydney's novels tackle the dramatic world that is college and professional football She writes about heroines who love their men and the sports world they play in. She identifies the sci-fi action flick "The Matrix" as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves. She can recite the entire script from the 80's teen comedy/drama "The Breakfast Club" and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark. When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Alex J. Cavanaugh, J.A Huss, M. Never & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books. Sign up for her newsletter (, and visit her at her website and on social media. Website: Blog: Facebook: GoodReads: Amazon author page: Bookbub: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram:  

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VBT# Dead Man's Curve - Alex Van Tol

With Halloween coming up Dead Man's Curve is the perfect quick read as I was expecting a novel and instead got a short story/novella. I have to admit near the end of the book I had to go back to the start as I was a little confused of what had just happened but once it settled in and I got a grasp it all made sense. Remember those Point Horror books that we had back in the 90's/2000's , that was what Alex Van Tol's novella Dead Man's Curve reminded me of . It was like Goosebumps for the Teen/ New Adult. The book starts out with four friends driving home from a costume party and I have to say a few of the costumes were quite creative and they take a  backroad home , a road called Dead Man's Curve. One of the friends asks why it is called Dead Man's Curve and during the storytelling , a figure appears and the car crashes. The characters then go through a sort of Blair Witch meets Fear.Com type scenario where they must face their ultimate fears. Can the foursome survive their worst fears and finish the night safe and sound and return home or will they be stuck on Dead Man's Curve forever ?
Dead Man's Curve is the perfect Halloween/Horror Novella read .


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