Thursday, May 15, 2014

VBT# Tragic Silence - E.C Hibbs


Review: Tragic Silence - E.C Hibbs - November 2013

Are you in the mood for some Supernatural stories ? Sick of reading New Adult novels and wanting a change ? Check out Tragic Silence by E.C Hibbs. Tragic Silence starts of in Hungary where we meet Bianka Farkas aka White Wolf when she is younger and her best friend Lucy. While out one night, Lucy is acting strange and believes someone is following her. The two of them are cautious until tragedy strikes and Lucy goes missing. Days turn to weeks and then weeks turn to months, until by chance Bianka sees Lucy. Though a lot has changed and this isn't the same girl Bianka last saw, something is terribly wrong. The story then continues and we discover that Lucy was captured by a Blood Demon - half vampire and half demon. Lucy eventually passes away and Bianka wanting to escape heads to London where she meets Frank - a fellow Vampire who helps Bianka discover truly what she has now become. Will Bianka ever be able to outrun her creator or will when the time comes,find her no matter where she is and destroy her till there's nothing left like he did to Lucy ?
Find out in Tragic Silence by E.C Hibbs which makes a nice difference to read as the trend at the moment seems to be New Adult novels.



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